Importance Of Lumbar Support

Sitting in front of a desk or your computer, be it at office, school, college, or your home can over time lead to several health related issues. Now, of course, job comes first. But so does your health. Spending extended periods in front of a desk can lead to several lumbar support issues over time. This is exactly why it is always recommended that you choose a decent cushioned chair which you’re going to sit in front of the desk so that it offers the maximum comfort to your back. For people not in-the-know, lumbar is most commonly referred to as the bottom most part of your spine, or in other words, your lower back. It starts from directly behind the diaphragm and goes on till you meet your upper pelvic region. The stronger your lower back is, the more efficient you’ll be in flexing, supporting, and posture maintenance.

Finding lumbar support  

In order to improve your lumbar support to comfort your lower back more, there are a lot of ways. The very basic and mainstream way is to get a chair which has ample lumbar support cushioning making it one of the most comfortable chairs. However, this is a more money consuming method of ensuring you get adequate lower back support. The more viable and affordable way of ensuring the same is by opting for lumbar cushions which attach to your chair and provide just enough support alongside comfort for you to last the entire day. If neither of the above works for you, the third and possibly the final way of preventing back issues is by wearing a back brace. Although such braces are usually used to treat injuries and to prevent new ones, they can very well be used to provide support to the lower back of an individual. Another great way of making sure you have the most comfortable office hours if to create a schedule. This schedule should consists of regular timely intervals where you get up for five minutes to walk around and exercise. The more your body is actie, the lesser its chances are of being hit by an injury in the back or just the extremely casual back pain. Such intervals can be decided as per your personal convenience, as it can be after every thirty or forty-five minutes, after an hour, after a couple of hours, or after three straight hours. However, more than that period is not recommended.


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