The preeminent electrician services in New Jersey

The preeminent electrician services in New Jersey

A good electrical installation must have a switch and a plug where it is needed. Proper planning, prior to installation, will cover those needs. However, if you must incorporate new electrical appliances, the emergency solution will go through the use of adapters and extensions. If with this, the energy needs increase, it is recommended that you go to the professional in order to rethink your installation. The electrician New Jersey exercises a fundamental job in construction, which requires specific knowledge and preparation. It is very important that all your activities are carried out by applying the established regulations and prevention and safety rules, as we must not forget that both the work with electricity and its subsequent use by users, carries significant risks.

There is a great variety of forms within each denomination, so it is not convenient to see all the variants that exist on each tool. In the works of electrician common tools are used, that, although they are called tools for an electrician, in fact, they are not apt to work with the current. They are tools with single layer insulation, more or less thick, to use without current.

Electrician New Jersey tools to work with current are called safety; These are the ones that are going to be described next. Of course, there is the same version of these tools with a light insulating layer, which is to work without tension.

Tools of electrician New Jersey at hand:

(1) Cable, which should be appropriate for electrical installations. According to the thickness: the two conductors and earth, with sheath and 2.5 mm PVC insulation are for the main electric circuit, the 1.5 mm ones are used for the lighting circuit. The special cable of three conductors and earth, in the section of 1 mm is used in switches for lighting circuits.

(2) The drill

It is used in multiple jobs, in electricity, you will find it very useful one that also works autonomously, with battery, since it is usually working with the general key disconnected. You will also need different wicks to pierce wood, bricks.

(3) Key boxes for recessing plugs and switches and protecting cable joints without danger of external contacts.

(4) The strips are indispensable to make a correct splice.

(5) Set of screwdrivers of different sizes. It is convenient to have a thin blade screwdriver to work with small screws of the electric mechanisms.

(6) Bipolar voltage tester, to check and measure the voltage.

(7) Screwdriver voltage tester is used to know if there is current flow.


(8) Insulating tape to temporarily cover the tips of the cables and prevent the current from passing.

(9) Cable stripper, which can be automatic or manual. It serves to strip the cables of their insulating layer, without damaging the copper wires.

(10) Side cutting pliers, for cutting cables, especially the most rigid ones.

(11) Long and thin nose pliers for manipulating and bending cables.

And in addition: screws of several numbers, electrician scissors that cut and also have a notch to exert cables.


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