Health Issues In Developing Countries

Health Issues In Developing Countries

Each year around ten million people die because of the unsatisfactory health condition of the country. Underdeveloped and poor countries are facing health issues. People suffer from parasitic disease or epidemic diseases due to lack of health facilities and budget. There are a number of reasons that are increasing mortality rate in these countries.  Some of the main causes of prevailing health issues in underdeveloped countries are

Climate change

the increase in industrialization and cutting of trees for construction purpose has caused the climatic change. These changes have given birth to severe disease especially people are suffering from skin diseases and cancer. According to the report, about 150,000 deaths occur annually due to variation in climate.

Unsafe water

Poor sanitary condition and polluted water are one of the main cause of diseases in people. a lot of citizens suffer from diarrhea and gastrointestinal problems after drinking unhygienic water. It is the duty of government to provide clean and healthy water to the public. People must care for drinking water, they can boil it to destroy harmful germs present in it.

Unhygienic environment

It is reported that about 800,000 people die due to pollution due to industry, vehicles and energy production. The air is filled with poisonous agents that are causing lung infection as well pulmonary disorders.


How to overcome health issues

  • It is the duty of government to apply such laws that are health benefits for people. it must make such strategies to decrease the mortality rate due to health issues. The government can implement following strategies to improve health conditions
  • Set the good amount of budget for health, build new hospitals, train doctors according to new health techniques and equip hospitals with advanced machines for proper diagnosis and treatment of disease.
  • Provide hygienically and clean water to the public as well as arrange awareness programs to keep water clean
  •  Start health care plans to give people awareness about different prevailing diseases so that people can do care and avoid such habits that cause severe health problems, for example, the smoking campaign can help people avoiding cigarettes as they will have knowledge about its health hazards.
  • It is the duty of government to integrate principles of sustainable development to reverse the loss of natural resources. Plant more trees as green environment always help in improving health conditions of the country.

Underdeveloped and poor countries are facing health issues, people die because of insufficient food and unhygienic conditions. These countries are overpopulated and do not have proper resources to meet the requirement of people. females die during labor because of fewer maternity facilities and children born with health issues because of malnutrition. All these problems are scary and there is need to focus on issues. It is the duty of World health organization as well as the government of countries to focus on all health issues and try to implement such policies that enable people to lead healthy and quality life. Otherwise, the situation will worsen and mortality rate will increase in future.


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