Health Benefits Of Fasting

Health Benefits Of Fasting

Some people fast to get smart and lose weight besides these benefits fasting provide an additional advantage to people who fast for specific hours each day. Fasting for more than a day leads to starvation that is not good for health. People who skip meal must be aware of issues develop due to starving. Fasting is good but for specific hours. The best health benefits the person can get from fasting are discussed below

Insulin sensitivity

If a person fasts his carbohydrate tolerance get improved as the insulin sensitivity gets better. The study has shown that after fasting situation insulin functions more properly and take more carbohydrate from blood thus maintain blood sugar level.

Improvement in hunger

Fasting regulates the hormones that control hunger. If the person fasts for more than 10 hours the body release the correct hormone that controls hunger system of the body. In this way, a person can take a meal in proper time.

Increase metabolism

Fasting provides rest to stomach thus improving metabolism of the body. As stomach gets to break the metabolic mechanism works efficiently and help in burning calories in short time. in this way a person is less likely to suffer from metabolic or digestive problems, it also improves bowel movement.

Loss weight

The gaps between meals help in losing weight. The body burns the fat cells thus improving body shape and weight. Extra fats get dissolved thus show the prominent weight loss. Athletes now prefer to fast to burn extra fat to take part in different competitions.

Improvement in brain function

Brain derived neurotrophic factor is a protein that is important for proper brain functioning. Fasting boost production of this protein. BDNF improves the neural health by triggering and activating new neurons. The protein is also associated with prevention of certain neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease.

Better immunity system

Fasting reduces the free radical damage as well as it starves off cancer cell formation. One can take the example of animals, when they get sick they stop eating and do rest to give time to immunity system to fight against disease in this way they get healthy naturally same is a phenomenon with humans when they fast they boost their immune system to fight against infectious agent to keep the body healthy.

Fasting has many other health benefits that include the improvement in skin health. As the body is free of digestion it provides energy to other organ systems. If a person avoids eating for one day it helps him in Detoxing of the body, there will be no more toxins and body will be free of germs. It also regulates and maintains other organs like kidney, liver, colon and other body parts. Those who really want to keep the sales healthy must fast once a week or once a month to detoxify the body, lose weight as well as to keep himself energetic. All these health benefits are incredible and one can adopt the habit of fasting to keep fresh as well as smart.


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